Out of the Shadows (Instrumental)

When the village of Eyam was finally declared free of the Plague,it was practically deserted – according to William Wood, in his “History of Eyam,” it was originally thought of the original population of 350 people, 50 fled before the village was cut off. Of those 300 left behind, only 41 had survived.* Houses lay abandoned, crops lay neglected, and the main road was overgrown with grass and flowers through lack of use. Slowly, out of the shadows came the survivors- shell shocked by the horror of what they had endured but ready to rebuild their lives. This instrumental guitar track is a song of the spirit, for those people who seek each brand new day with hope and resilience.eyam26_s

“For many years it was the Derbyshire custom to make funeral cakes, one for each villager, when any one died. For a long time after the plague there remained a local saying that ‘two dozen funeral cakes were sufficient for the whole village. Fear of the plague died slowly in Eyam. For nearly 200 years,’The Plague take thee!’ was the most common local expletive.” 

                                                  – Excerpt taken from “The Plague and the Fire” by James Leasor.

*It is now thought that the population of Eyam in 1665 may have been underestimated.

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