Tales of Eyam – a concept E.P by Oka Vanga (Folk and Roots duo Angela portrait 0915Meyer and William Cox).

“Tales Of Eyam’ is principally a human story – love and loss, resolution and self-sacrifice – each part of the human condition. Oka Vanga have recreated those qualities through sensitive music and song, and they’ve done it incredibly well. The bleak sadness and longing of ‘’Til the End (Emmott’s Song)’ reflects through the exquisite composition of music and lyric.”                                                                    Tim Carroll, Folkwords.

“Tales of Eyam is a beautiful E.P – great musicianship and really fine songs. “ Mike Harding

“The guitars and vocals are incredible, right across the EP. Essentially Oka Vanga are still the same guitar duo that delivered “Pilgrim” and the rich interactions between their two instruments still make lush music together, the real difference is that in the interim Angela has found the confidence to reveal her voice to the world and a damned fine voice it is to whether it’s carrying the song, “Song Of The Dell” or driving the song forward, “Witching Hour”.” Neil King, FATEA

“Perfect Folk Fayre – as someone (nearly) once said, one small step for man, a giant leap for Oka Vanga.” Mike Ainscoe, Bright Young Folk.

“It is a gorgeous album, in fact it’s more of a musical story book. Meyer has lovely, gentle voice soft as a
 wind borne feather and as emotionally loaded as two new lovers. Add to this their incredible gift on the guitars and you have something special.”  Danny Farragher, Folkall.

“Great vocals and instrumentation, really enjoyed!” Blues and Roots radio

“Will and Angie…pat yourselves on the back- it’s a wonderful EP!” Brian Player, Acoustic Cafe

“To hear that voice…what a well kept secret! Well done guys!” Rick Stuart, Roots and Fusion Radio


“Tales of Eyam” follows on from the success of their award winning album “Pilgrim” (2014), described as:

“Exceptionally brilliant …they are so in tune with each other that the rhythm and lead swap back and forth between them like a thread being woven into a complex tapestry.” Pete Bradley, FATEA

“Wholly engrossing – spellbinding technique, delightful expression, scintillating synergy and a world-spanning, hypnotic folk and roots vibe.”  Charlie Elland, Folk words.

“A virtuoso performance without any of the pretence, there are fantastic techniques, lush sounds, evocative chords and really gorgeous sounding guitar playing.”  Danny Farragher, FolkAll

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